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The latest version of NinjaTrader Indicators comes equipped with new indicators and chart styles.

Looking for NinjaTrader Indicators? Download and Try it for FREE today!! Automate your own NinjaTrader 8 Indicators strategies. NinjaTrader Indicators is a free application to download for advanced charting, market analytics, automated strategy development, and trade simulation. NinjaTrader Indicators charts visualize all your orders and positions in the addition to standard market data and with NinjaTrader Indicators Charts, you can instantly see how far or close your stops and targets are relative to key support and resistence levels.



-: Trading NinjaTrader8 Indicator of WealthPower :-

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Overview of best NinjaTrader8 Indicator
Name of the package: WealthPower

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Services offered under Trading Indicators in NinjaTrader

Wealth Technical has a wide range of NinjaTrader 8 Indicators products and services to cater to the varied requirements of their best indicators on tradingview and free trading indicators in NinjaTraders customers in United States. Wealth Technical, Best Ninjatrader 8 Indicators provider is offering free 3 days trial for people who are willing to download free NinjaTrader Indicators online. Ninjatrader Trend Indicator Training will be conducted by our Professional Traders who have an Experience of trading in stock Markets. You will be able to understand trade in stocks, stock future, index futures, commodities, options and Forex in the Market. The support at our establishment are courteous and prompt at providing any assistance. They readily answer any queries or questions that you may have regarding NinjaTrader 8 Indicators in United States. Pay for the product or service of NinjaTrader Indicators 8 with ease by using any of the available modes of payment, such as PayPal, Bank Transfer. Our establishment is functional from all days.

NinjaTrader7 & NinjaTrader8 by WealthTechnical

WealthTechnical NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8 Automated and optional exchanging frameworks and Certified advisors for stocks, prospects, forex, ETFs, CFDs, alternatives for informal investors and swing brokers. WealthTechnical's NinjaTrader® 8 Forex markers give you unrivaled inlet on your preferred money sets. Also, supports your entrance and leave certainty on each exchange. Every month you'll get a free premium NinjaTrader® pointer ideal for Day Trading, Scalping, Swing Trading your preferred Futures, Stocks/ETF, Forex Markets.

Why use 3rd party NinjaTrader trading indicators & apps

Utilize 3rd party trading indicators and applications constructed explicitly for NinjaTrader to: Focus and tweak your specialized examination, Create an arrangement to meet your exceptional prerequisites, Expand opportunity with computerized techniques. Grow your exchanging IQ and review a portion of the exchanging markers and administrations accessible through NinjaTrader's outsider merchants. Tweak NinjaTrader with exchanging markers, sign and techniques.

NinjaTrader, LLC is a product advancement organization which claims and supports all exclusive innovation identifying with and including the NinjaTrader exchanging stage. NinjaTrader Brokerage™ is a NFA enrolled presenting specialist (NFA #0339976) giving business administrations to dealers of fates and remote trade items.

A trader must have following essential tools in the arsenal for trading:

  •  - Money Management
  •  - Risk Management
  •  - Trade Management
  •  - Order Management
  •  - Trading psychology
  •  - and power of knowledge

Placing a trade with all the defences mentioned above reduce the risk inherent in trading.


NinjaTrader Charts

General Guidelines:

You may APPLY ALL the indicators on one chart or any SINGLE indicator of your choice.

  •  - Every indicator has been given a different PLOT STYLE with different WIDTH and different COLOR.
  •  - The indicators are based on candlesticks.
  •  - May be applied to Equity,Futures Forex and option.
  •  - Time Frame that can be traded: any timeframe
  •  - Applicable in NinjaTrader 8 only.

When you apply all the indicators on one chart,you will be able to see ALL THE SIGNALS with MULTI COLOR combination.This will give power to chart analytics.

Traders /Investors/Developers are free to develop on these signals to enhance their chart analytics.

This package consist of TOTAL NUMBER OF 30 INDICATORS.

These indicators have been assigned names starting with Wealth and a number.The number is followed by the function names.

The number in the name starts with 101 and ends upto 130.The numbers are so given for easy alignment of indicators in the indicator list.

  • For Example:
  • "Indicator Name=Wealth101TrendStarter"
  • Here " Weath101" will stand first in the indicator list as our indicator number starts with 101.
  • The next letters "TrendStarter" indicates the function of the indicator.
  • All the indicators will appear one down the other in the indicator list making their identification and application easy.

    Indicator Names, Numbers and Functions:

    • 1. Wealth101TrendStarter-One Indicator indicating beginning of a new trend and end of an earlier trend.
    • 2. Wealth102TrendContinuation-One Indicator indicating continuation of trend.
    • 3. Wealth103SupportResistance-One Indicator based on support and resistance analysis.
    • 4. Wealth104MarketConfusion.-One Indicator BASED ON MARKET CONFUSION STATUS.
    • 5. Weath105Macd-One Indicator based on popular MACD.
    • 6. Wealth106Stochastics to Wealth110Stochatics-Five Indicators based on stochastics.
    • 7. Wealth111Ma. to Wealth130Ma.-Twenty indicators.Based on Moving Averages.


    This indicator basically indicates end of the trend and beginning of a new trend .This will signal normally at the beginning of a new trend.

    Free NinjaTrader Indicators

    Wealth102TrendContinuation shows continuation of trend once trend have emerged.It is SIMPLY TREND CONTINUATION INDICATOR.

    Trading Indicators
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    Wealth101102 $50.00 USD

    This is a novel concept of "indicating" support and resistance.The support points are created at the bottom of the candle and resistance points are created at the top of the candle. Normally these support and resistsnce points are created during horizontal/sideways range of the market.These are seen to be crucial points acting as Support and Resistance. The ever changing manipulative behaviour of the market forces may be gauged by the traders. It is absolutely normal for the market to break the support in a downtrend and break the resistance in an uptrend. This indicator needs to be used in conjunction with other mentioned indicators from THE ABOVE LIST OF INDICATORS to understand probable direction of the market

    NinjaTrader Strategy

    A Novel concept again which indicates that the market is confused.


    Normally seen at horizontal/sideways market.

    Normal horizontal/sideways market leads to continuation of trend.However there are times when market is confused if it has the right direction which market have started.Market might begin with an uptrend but then may be CONFUSED if it had the right decision...This "point" of confusion of the market is normally seen with this indicator.

    This indicator may be used in conjuction with above list of indicators to guage future probable market direction.

    NinjaTrader 8
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    Wealth103104 $50.00 USD

    This indicator is based on popular MACD with some modifications.

    This indicator may be used in combination of other indicators mentioned in the list above.

    NinjaTrader Signals Indicator
    Wealth106Stochastics to Wealth110Stochastics:

    These indicators are based on various combination of Stochastics.

    Normally Wealth106Stchastics to Wealth110Stochastics appear at the end of the trend and may be used with "Wealth101TrendStarter" to confirm the end of the trend.It may also indicate end of an earlier trend with identification of a new trend.

    "Wealth110Stochastice" may be used in combination of "Wealth106Stochastics" to "Wealth109Stochastics".

    Still these may be used in combination of other indicators (in the list above) to enhance decision making.

    Ninja Trader Indicators
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    Wealth105to110 $100.00 USD
    Wealth111Ma to Wealth130Ma.:

    These indicators are basically based on Simple combination of moving averages with enhanced combination of short term and long term moving averages.It is possible to apply all the indicators on one chart for the purpose of analytics and even with combination of other indicators.

    Download 3 Days Free Trial Download Now
    Wealth111to130 $125.00 USD

    Wealth112113114 is an extract of WealthPower package with combination of LONG TERM MOVING AVERAGES.

    It consist of 3 indicators.

    Cost USD 50.

    Suggested combination is of MINIMUM two (ANY TWO)Indicators.

    This is to primarily trade for trend.

    This folder will appear at the top of Indicator list in NinjaTrader8.

    Names as appering in the Indicator list are:

    • Wealth112Mov
    • Wealth113Mov
    • Wealth114Mov

    Indicators Chart
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    Wealth112113114 $50.00 USD

    A possible one side direction with Moving average indicators may be seen for reversal with other indicators of:

    • Stochastics (Wealth106Stochastics to Wealth110Stochstics)
    • MACD (Wealth105Macd)
    • Support and Resistance.(Wealth103Support Resistance)
    • Trend Continuation ( Wealth102TrendContinuation)
    • TrendStarter (Wealth101TrendStarter )


    This is combination of three indicators viz Wealth141,Wealth142 and Wealth143.

    These are parts/extracts of WealthPowerAdvanced package.

    Suggested usage is with combination of one or all.

    The signals are primarily based on higher combination of support and resistsnce levels.

    The signals are to primarily idenify longer trends unless STOPPED OUT.

    The signals are few but may be judiciously used with STRICT STOP at candle HIGH in case of SHORT position and at Candle LOW in case of LONG position.

    The development on these signals for better management is open to all traders and fund managers.

    Indicator names in NinjaTrader8:

    Indicators Chart
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    Wealth141142143 $60.00 USD

    Needless to say that risk management,trade management,Money management and order management with appropriate trading psychology are the core of any trade AND NO INDICATOR OR COMBINATION OF INDICATORS can substitute the same.Any indicator may be best used in conjuction with all the above risk management tools to optimise performance.Possible reduction of losses along with capital preservation should be the prime motto of any trader with sustained effort to enhance profit.

    Kindly read discalimer carefully before using the indicators.

    WealthPower INSTRUCTIONS Download Now


  • Time frame that can be traded: any timeframe
  • Minimum time period records required for Wealth101 to Wealth110 to work: 250
  • Minimum time period records required for Wealth111Ma to Wealth130Ma to work: 1000
  • For whom: from novice to a professional trader
  • Asset types that can be traded: equities, futures, forex.
  • Trading style: intraday, swing, long term.
  • Method of trade: trend.
  • The chart should have open, high, low, close and volume as a must factor for indicators to enable
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