WealthPower (30) indicators at a monthly subscription of $30 only:

In order to give POWER of "WealthPower" 30 indicators to retail traders,it is decided to give the indicators at a monthly subscription of $30 Per Month.This simply means WealthPower 30 indicators will be available at $1 PER DAY ONLY

Those subscribing to this package on a monthly basis WILL NOT HAVE LIFETIME LICENSE in NT8.In case they wish to have the LIFETIME LICENSE then they have option to avail the same at a total cost of $300 within one month from the date of INITIAL monthly subscription.In such a scenario,we will adjust $ 30 first month subscription amount and the trader will be required to pay only $ 270 ($300-$30=$270).

In case a trader wish to continue with monthly subscription plan,then he/she is free to continue with the same and avail LIFETIME LICENSE anytime with additional $300 payment.Kindly note that we will not be adjusting the monthly subscribed amount in such a scenario.

Kindly also note that LIFETIME LICENSE is available in NT8 only. No past or next releases of NT will have the benefit of extension of licenses of any of the WealthTechnical indicators including WealthPower.

Kindly read disclaimer carefully before subscribing to these indicators.

  • $30 PER MONTH for WealthPower-30 indicators
  • Have a great trading.

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